Friday, 3 February 2012

Sharks, crabs and seals..

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa! K guys, whazzup, here's some kiwi music again, Always on my mind by Tiki Taane. Luv this song, always on my playlist and on my mind <3
School started on Tuesday, oh lovely school...... Didn't totally feel like going there when I was ironing my uniform and preparing a  packed lunch... For these two terms I still am at this school, I'm taking four subjects: psychology, history, photography and Spanish. FINALLY I can sign in for some sports, too, so I'm taking tennis, considering touch rugby and maybe dragonboating. Later i'll start lacrosse! I joined the student council too. And I also work as a peer supporter for the year 9's. Just to be involved! We had a house BBQ on Thursday and I was helping out there - was fun though - and had all kinda fun competitions between the four houses of the school. Every student belongs to one of the houses.
It's good to start from the beginning, sorta, except now I know quite a few people and it doesn't feel like a new school anymore - it feels like my school! We year 13's are the oldest at the school and we have 'the common room', a room with kitchen and relaxing facilities, just for our year level to hang out. And we can leave the school area at lunch time! Hurray - Sushi lunches at the mall, here I come! I think this half school year that I'm actually gonna be here, is gonna be good. I'll try to work too though and sit some big exams in June!

Today after school had a really cool hanging out with my kiwi friends, had fun, and really thought might miss some people from here... :')

I had a good summer holiday, even though it went amazingly fast!
The last moments of my holiday I spent as a cool long weekend up in Mt.Maunganui with my lovely belgian Cécile. We slept a lot, saw alive SHARK that some fishermen accidentally caught, went floundering ( flounder is a fish ), tried to catch some tohoroa ( sea shells that hide under the sand and you gotta dig sand with your hands to find them ), caught mussels and while doing that saw too many evil-looking crabs hanging around the rocks we were standing ( ! ), walked on the beach, slept on the dunes, took cool shots of a seal that appeared on the beach on its way back to the ocean from a nap, and enjoyed the wilderness and the sound of the ocean. It was a really good get away. lots of time to talk and sleep!

no explanation needed -  this little shark got back to the sea at the end...

My Cécile <3

Great Sunset at Mt.Maunganui, wild west coast of New Zealand

After this first school week it's good to rest a bit, coz well yea, school is hard work, and ive got a history essay about the french revolution due next wednesday so tomorrow my family is going up north to spend the three-day-weekend there on a bach (mökki). Monday is Waitangi Day, sort of a national day. Waitangi treaty was a treaty signed 1840 between the maori chefs and the british people about the colonation of New Zealand.

Hope you guys up there north are not too cold there! -20 something sounds pretty hard now :D

x x Lotta

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  1. oothullun viisas ku tuut sielt pois ja joo on vähän hard nää kelit mut onneks villaapaijat on keksitty. must ois mukava kans kerätä simpukoita hiekasta. :)heips.tsiini